VarioLine® System periphery


VarioLine® is LEONI’s range of modular system peripherals. They offer a quick, flexible and low-cost way to integrate copper and fiber optic connections in consolidation point and underfloor applications. Alongside the MegaLine® Connect45 and MegaLine® Connect100 product families, all popular fiber optic couplings can be integrated, including LC Duplex, SC, ST and LSH (E2000).

VarioLine® CP

The perfect solution for any application scenario – from rugged, dust-proof housings for heavy-duty industrial use to office-ready models offering a choice of ports and dedicated control cabinet installation, LEONI always has the right solution to match your individual application.

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VarioLine® UF

VarioLine® UF offers you the right mounting options for all popular underfloor ranges. Choose between a one-piece solution for easy installation or modular solutions that combine the advantages of copper and fiber optic connections.

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