GigaLine® DClink

LC-MTP modular solution for data transfer rates up to 10/25 Gbit/s, migration-ready up to 100 Gbit/s

This 10/25 Gbit/s cable solution consists of an MTP trunk and an LC-MTP module at each end. Cabling can also be quickly and easily migrated to 40/100 Gbits/s cabling as required, by simply replacing the modules at each end with MTP modules, thus converting them to the “MTP-in-patch-panel” solution described at the outset. The existing trunk cabling continues to be used and does not need to be relaid.

To minimise sources of error and considerably simplify administrative work, this 10/25 Gbit/s cable solution has been designed so that the fibers cross within a cross module, so as to ensure that standard (crossover) patch cables can be used on either side. The trunk between the two LC-MTP modules (1:1 module and cross module) is type B MTP trunk, which simplifies the migration to 40/100 Gbit/s.

This is available as a high-density solution with 144 fibers, i.e. 72 duplex ports, or with 96 fibers, i.e. 48 duplex ports (up to 10 GBASE-SR and 25 GBASE-SR) in 1 RU.

MTP-in-patch-panel 10/25/40/100 – the migration solution with data transfer rates of 40 and 100 Gbit/s

MTP cabling to the patch panel is the most cost-effective and simultaneously future-proof fiber-optic solution. The installed base system offers turnkey pathways supplied for all transmission speeds, consisting of MTP trunks and MTP modules. On the construction site, no connectors need to be assembled: following rack installation, the only work then needed is trunk laying plus module and MTP connector interfacing, and the pathway is then ready to use – and for all data transfer rates possible both now and in the near future. No superfluous connectors are required – meaning that you can easily comply with all of the limits imposed by the attenuation budget while saving on material, measurement and assembly costs.

With 768 fibers, i.e. 384 duplex ports (up to 10 GBASE-SR and 25 GBASE-SR), 64 12-fiber ports (40-GBASE-SR4 and 100-GBASE-SR4) or 32 2x12-fiber ports (100-GBASE-SR10) on 1 RU, this is simultaneously the most space-saving solution. Adjustment to match the various data transfer rates – 10, 40 or 100 Gbit/s – is simply made by selecting the right patch cables for the application; the base installation remains unaffected.


DClink – The real Plug&Play solution

DClink – The real Plug&Play solution

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