GigaLine® DClink

A turnkey complete link for data transfer rates up to 10 Gbit/s

This 10 Gbit/s cable solution is supplied to the construction site pretested and ready to use. Simply install and slot in the rack mounts previously connected to the rack – all done!

First-class quality and service reliability is guaranteed by the factory-assembled connectors, which prevent splicing along the line. You can even talk to your client about waiving acceptance measurements on the construction site, since we’ve already completed this for you in the factory.

Since no superfluous connectors are required, you can easily comply with all of the limits imposed by the attenuation budget here as well while saving on material, measurement and assembly costs. This solution offers packing densities of 96 fibers, i.e. 48 duplex ports (up to 10 GBASE-SR and 25 GBASE-SR), 12 12-fiber ports (40-GBASE-SR4 and 100-GBASE-SR4) or 6 2x12-fiber ports (100-GBASE-SR10) in one rack unit.


DClink – The real Plug&Play solution

DClink – The real Plug&Play solution

Numerous possibilities, one system


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