High speed data cables

ParaLink® 5

Advantages at a glance

  • Swept performance up to 5 GHz
  • Pair drain position: centre drain design
  • Spiral wrapped pair shielding
  • Different jacket colour options
  • Suggested for Infiniband DDR and SAS 2.0
  • Available with halogen free and flame retardant outer jacket (LSZH)
  • Small outer diameter


  • 1 x
  • 4 x

Overview of the cables in the ParaLink® 5 range

AWG1 x4 x
30L45468-J12-C25 (PVC)
L45468-J12-C26 (LSZH)
L45468-J412-C15 (PVC)
L45468-J412-C16 (LSZH)
28L45468-J13-C25 (PVC)
L45468-J13-C26 (LSZH)
L45468-J413-C15 (PVC)
L45468-J413-C16 (LSZH)
26L45468-J14-C75 (PVC)
L45468-J14-C76 (LSZH)
L45468-J414-C115 (PVC)
L45468-J414-C116 (LSZH)
24L45468-J15-C45 (PVC)
L45468-J15-C46 (LSZH)
L45468-J415-C25 (PVC)
L45468-J415-C26 (LSZH)
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