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In the IT cabling sector, LEONI has been leading the market with its MegaLine® copper data cables since 1991.

Cost-effective and deployable for any application, MegaLine® offers performance that handles current and future requirements with ease.

With the SPACE model, LEONI provides its customers with a decision matrix for the pragmatic and structured identification of the correct data cable. The SPACE model is based on a classification of the five key selection criteria used to determine a cable’s overall performance profile.

Depending on the field of application, the focus is either on performance (40 Gbit/s applications in the data center) or durability (sheathing or suitability for drag chain use in industrial environments).

MegaLine® data cables guarantee maximum quality at all times and have Premium Verification Program certification from the independent accredited test laboratory GHMT.


MegaLine® copper cabling systems

MegaLine® copper cabling systems

Copper and fiber optic cabling systems for data centre · office · industry


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