MegaLine® Patch cables

Top quality and a long service life

With MegaLine® Patch, LEONI offers a range of patch cords featuring both off-the-shelf solutions and tailor-made cables precisely coordinated with the performance and specifications required by your office, data center or industrial environment.

Depending on the field of application, a wide variety of connector types (RJ45, ARJ45™, TERA™) and cable sheath compounds (halogen-free, oil-resistant, suitable for drag chain use) are available at various performance levels (Cat. 5 to Cat. 7A).

MegaLine® Patch guarantees the highest quality at all times and has Premium Verification Program certification from the independent accredited test laboratory GHMT.

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MegaLine® copper cabling systems

MegaLine® copper cabling systems

Copper and fiber optic cabling systems for data centre · office · industry


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