GigaLine® Trunk cables

Safety through “thick and thin”

GigaLine® system technology is based around ready-to-connect units. The preassembled GigaLine® cables (GigaLine® Trunk) are your guarantee for quick, reliable and cost-effective installation. The quality of the link is ensured by the careful coordination of the system components used and installation times can be calculated.

A permanent solution

Conditions are often unfavourable during on-site installation, and moisture, dirt and hard-to-access cable routes are all part of a day’s work. This is why we use an impermeable plastic sheath as protection for our GigaLine® Trunk cables. The especially rugged design with potted cable fan-outs and a plastic sheath screwed into place makes our trunk cables crush-resistant and protects them against splash water. They are manufactured to handle rough construction site conditions and outdoor cabling. Breakout and mini-breakout cables are fitted with a protective sheath without strain relief to avoid soiling of the connectors.

GigaLine® Trunk cables ensure that environmental conditions do not adversely affect the quality of the links – both during installation and afterwards. The cable pull is flexible and has a small cross-section, ensuring that the trunk can also be pulled into tight, angled vertical ducts and installation ducts.

The distribution head forms a frictional connection with the cable via the strain relief elements, and the fibers are routed from the loose tube into the individual elements without strain. The design of the distribution head guarantees the stability of the physical parameters while also ensuring a long service life. The strain-relieved, anti-twist attachment of the universal trunks to the trunk box is achieved by simply hooking the designated socket into the box.

Time is money

GigaLine® Trunk stands for reliable installations that can be accurately calculated beforehand. Downtime is kept to a minimum by short installation times. On-site cable splicing and connector fitting, which often have to be performed under adverse conditions on site, is no longer required. Large investments for splicing machinery and specially trained personnel are also unnecessary. GigaLine® Trunk can also be deployed as a cable preassembled at one end.

Quality means maximum safety

Assembly of the connectors using high-quality ceramic ferrules is carried out under extreme clean-room conditions. Connector faces are given an optimal polish to ensure that outstanding connector transitions can be achieved at a reproducible level of monitored quality. Test reports showing insertion and return loss values can be supplied for any preassembled cable.


GigaLine® Trunk is suitable both for backbone cabling and for horizontal (collapsed backbone) cabling.


GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

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