GigaLine® splice and trunk boxes

The standard in 19” format

Data centers and office environments typically deploy 19” splice or trunk boxes. LEONI offers 1, 2 and 3 RU boxes in an economical design in both fixed and telescopic models. The housings are made of lightweight aluminium, and parts exposed to static loads - such as fronts and retaining brackets - are made of powder-coated steel. To ensure optimal orientation in the cabinet, the splice/trunk boxes can be recessed by up to 50 mm.

The following cable entries can be achieved by breaking out the corresponding pre-punched cut-outs:

  • two M20 bolted connections
  • two sockets for GigaLine® trunks
  • one large cut-out for breakout cables

Splice boxes are ready for splicing, i.e. they are equipped with couplings, pigtails (stripped and inserted), splice cassettes, splice brackets and a cover.

Trunk boxes are fitted with couplings, so that up to two preassembled trunks can simply be hooked in, after which the connectors have to be snapped in. The trunk is now connected to the box with strain relief and anti-twist protection.

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GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

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