GigaLine® Patch cords

Reliable data transfer for patch fields

No matter whether it’s for an industrial, office or data center environment, LEONI has the right patch cords in single-mode and multimode technology to suit any application. To ensure optimal transmission with the emphasis on zero interference, all of our patch cords feature bend-optimized fibers.

This is an especially useful feature for data center cabling, where adverse effects on transmission due to temporary bending during patching or reconfiguration work can be virtually ruled out, even for cabling with exceptionally high packing densities.

A rugged solution

In industrial or office environments, patch cords often need to meet demanding mechanical requirements – in particular as cables for device connection, but also as patch cords. Our standard patch cords therefore feature a rugged construction with a secondary outer sheath and can be supplied equipped with all usual types of connector.

Space savings

In data centers, however, the focus is typically on the optimal use of space. Cable volume plays a major role here, as do cable installation and connector handling. We recommend round duplex cables for data centers. Round cables simplify installation since, unlike flat cables, they can be bent in any direction. The cable diameter of 2.8 mm is a good compromise between durability and space savings - this diameter ensures that the cable has significantly less volume than a flat cable while remaining relatively robust. Another space-saving component, the LC Duplex Uniboot, is used as a connector.

Once the packing density has been used to the full, it is barely possible to unlock a normal LC Uniboot connector. In scenarios of this kind, we recommend the LC Uniboot HD (High Density) with a flexible unlocking tab.


GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

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