GigaLine® Fiber-To-The-Desk wall outlets

Suitable for all connection technologies

Naturally, GigaLine® system technology also includes comprehensive solutions for Fiber-To-The-Desk applications. Here, customers can choose from a wide range of wall outlets along with the corresponding installation materials for wall mounting and installation in cable ducts.

Thanks to the specific design of the LEONI wall outlets, compliance with the minimum permissible fiber bending radiuses is assured at all times, providing effective strain relief for cables and pigtails.

Popular connection technologies such as

  • on-site assembly of fiber optic connectors
  • use of preassembled cables
  • splicing of core pigtails

are all provided for.


GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

for data centre · office · industry


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