SFP56 cabels

Overview of our passive SFP56 cable systems

DAC (direct attach copper) cable systems for SFP56 interfaces

LEONI SFP56 copper cables are the ideal high speed interconnect for reliable 50 Gbit/s transmission between servers, routers, switches and storage systems in data centers. 10 or 25 Gbit/s DACs can easily be upgraded with SFP56 cables making them a cost-effective alternative for 40 Gbit/s high speed interconnects. LEONI SFP56 cables conform with the IEEE 802.3cd specification and support 50 Gbit/s Ethernet. 

We provide SFP56 DAC cables in AWG sizes 24, 28, 30 and 32. In addition to PVC versions, the assemblies are available with halogen or lead-free unique elastomer outer jackets and certified according to UL 13 CL2 in compliance with CSA FT4.



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