CXP passive copper cables

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CXP copper connector systems

The LEONI CXP product line of high performance cable assemblies is designed for differential I/O interconnections for servers, routers, switches, storage systems and applications where high data transmission speeds are required. The copper assemblies are designed to support 100 Gb/s Ethernet with lane rates of 10x10 Gb/s and InfiniBand 12x quad data rate (QDR) at 12x10 Gb/s.

The assemblies are constructed with 24 parallel pair ParaLink® copper cables using the LEONIzell® dielectric technology. Optimal cable assembly transmission performance is achieved by controlling the cable and connector paddle card design tolerances, incorporating automated laser stripping and computer controlled soldering as well as in-process monitoring and testing.

All CXP assemblies are available with an outer jacket of either halogen or lead-free proprietary elastomer, which is certified according to UL 13 CL2 in compliance with CSA FT4.

Overview of passive CXP cable systems


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