MegaLine® copper solutions


MegaLine® cabling systems cover the entire range of copper cable and connection technology required for future-proof data center, campus and workplace cabling.

Products and services on offer range from the production of our own-brand copper data cables and preassembled patch cords and trunk cables to connecting components and complete cabling systems.

MegaLine® cabling systems guarantee maximum quality at all times and have Premium Verification Program certification from the independent accredited test laboratory GHMT.

GigaLine® fiber optic solutions

Product range

GigaLine® cables
Fiber optic interior, exterior and universal cables

GigaLine® Trunk
Preassembled fiber optic cables

GigaLine® Patch
Patch panel and equipment connection solutions

GigaLine® splice and trunk boxes
Multi-functional housing technology

GigaLine® Compact
Fiber optic distribution system with maximum packing density and flexibility

GigaLine® DClink
The data center system


The GigaLine® brand stands for intelligent fiber optic cabling systems designed to meet the very latest technological requirements. Regardless of whether you need a data center solution offering maximum flexibility to adapt to future requirements, an office solution with all possible options for largely preassembled, factory-tested components or a solution that can be assembled on site, our GigaLine® fiber optic solutions are fitted with the highest-quality fibers for your individual application. For multi-mode applications, the bend-insensitive OM3 and OM4 fibers produced directly by LEONI’s affiliate j-fiber keep your connections reliable at all times. For single-mode interior cables, we also use bend-optimized fibers with ultra-low attenuation according to ITU G652D which also offer outstanding bending properties according to ITU G657A1. Bend-insensitive fibers generally offer better operational reliability thanks to the low bending attenuation at high packing densities.

In any application, our carefully coordinated components offer the highest possible level of quality and reliability for your passive cabling requirements.

VarioLine® system periphery


VarioLine® is LEONI´s range of bundled modular system peripherals, offering a quick, flexible and low-cost way to integrate copper and fiber-optic connections in consolidation point and underfloor applications. Alongside the MegaLine® Connect45 and MegaLine® Connect100 product families, all popular fiber-optic couplings can be integrated, including LC Duplex, SC, ST and LSH (E2000).



LEONI DClink – a preassembled, pretested and turnkey solution – guarantees the future viability of your data center or storage area network.

Our goal is to offer you a system with the maximum level of packing density, flexibility, security and functionality – and not just for today´s applications.

DClink lets you install both fiber-optic and copper cabling into one and the same rack unit. Optimal port densities ensure that you make the best use of space. We supply you with preassembled, pretested and ready-to connect pathways that merely need to be laid and the “clicked into” the preinstalled frames.

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