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In the near future, we will be able to manage and use our entire home environment using just a few displays like TVs, smartphones or tablets. Universal usage will become easier for applications such as TV viewing, games, streaming and storage, and controlling electrical appliances, lighting, HVAC and security.

With data rates of up to 10 Gb/s, data will be available in the blink of an eye from any data socket. Films, images and music will take just a few moments to download, and surfing the internet will become a truly new experience.

With MegaLine®@home, LEONI is providing the necessary data network. Just like an electricity supply, any data socket will able to power any application. With the right modules, building control systems or the hard drive recorder can then be controlled while on the go. It’s also child’s play to integrate the domestic Wi-Fi network.

Comfort, entertainment, building automation and security are high-priority topics for MegaLine®@home, which is also open to integrating other systems and solutions.

Structured cabling is no longer used exclusively for data networking, but is increasingly taking over tasks from the fields of power distribution and building services:

  • Optimal shielding characteristics
  • Power-over-Ethernet and outstanding interference resistance
  • 25 % lower bending radius
  • 30 % weight reduction and space requirements
  • Up to 2 preassembled links can be installed per duct
  • No issues with bending radiuses in concealed installation
  • Up to 4 devices per port




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