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The top-priority topics for today´s ultra-modern data centres are availability, flexibility and future-proofing. Increasing system density is also a challenge for data centre planners and operators, with more and more servers and storage systems being installed in a smaller space.

Hyperscale, cloud and other data-intensive virtualized DCs are causing a constant increase in data transfer rates. New switch technologies for 25, 40, 50 and 100 GbE are now available and presenting challenges of their own- especially in terms of cable systems.

Requirements for data centre IT cabling are harmonized by the DIN EN 50173-5 and ISO/IEC 24764 standards. The base requirement here is for cables to be both structured and user-neutral. In terms of standars, a response has already been made with new Ethernet standards for 40 and 100 GbE such as IEEE 802.3ba. Work on other standards such as 25 and 50 GbE for passive network infrastructure is now in progress. Switches and servers with fiber-optic and copper ports for 25, 40 and 50 GbE will also be deployed.

It is therefore crucially important that cable systems are installed that are fully compliant with these requirements. In addition, these systems need to be migration-ready and thus usable for the next generation of active components, i.e. “upgrade-ready” systems can ensure that cabling structures can continue to offer a basis for the next generation of active components without the structured cabling itself needing to be changed.

One key trend offering notable advantages in terms of its quality, flexibility and speed is the use of preassembled and pretested systems for copper and optical fiber. Any assembly required is performed under clean-room conditions, tested in a lab environment, and then handled quickly and reliably at the construction site by means of simple plug-and-play solutions. This avoids any complicated assembly work-on-site, which can lead to an increase in errors.

LEONI´s new, scalable DClink system has been designed to fulfil each and every one of these requirements.

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