Local Area Networks (LAN)

Generic cabling in office buildings

A company’s performance is heavily dependent on having a reliable and modern data processing infrastructure. Rapid increases in data transfers rates and application diversity require a network infrastructure offering maximum flexibility and performance that is still capable of fulfilling the requirements that will apply 10 years down the road.

For R&D facilities, banks, insurers, higher education institutions, hospitals hotels, airports and many other sectors, high-quality, application-neutral IT networks form the backbone for ensuring smooth-running operations and business success.

The intelligent combination of fiber-optic technology in the backbone and copper technology to the user not only enables the economical networking of PCs and printers but also the use of security, IP, telephony and multimedia applications. Power-over-Ethernet also supplies end-user devices such as webcams, Wi-Fi access points, IP, telephony and laptops with power via structured cabling systems. Requirements for these structured, application-neutral data cable installations have been harmonised by the international ISO/IEC11801 and DIN EN 50173-1/2 standards.


MegaLine® copper cabling systems

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GigaLine® fiber optic cabling systems

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