High speed to the antenna

Increasingly higher data rates and frequencies require more capacity in backhaul and data networks of digital wireless network systems. Our ready-to-install and robust copper, fiber optic and hybrid cable assemblies transmit at low latency and high speed 10-100 Gbit/s and beyond.

For the classic connection of antennas and GSM base stations (BTS) we offer RF solutions for network operators and installers. As a system supplier, we develop and produce perfectly matched components of the highest quality.

Future-proof LEONI solutions make wireless backhaul networks fit for 5G...

...through superior transmission performance. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties make our connections reliable and durable high-tech solutions for data transmissions with high bandwidth and low latency.

...by easy installation. We supply fully assembled and ready-to-install cable harnesses to shorten the installation time on site.

...through individual design options. We optimise our products for indoor and outdoor use with countless design, jacket and assembly options. Specifications are agreed with our customers to ensure that our products are flame-retardant, UV-resistant and can be used in applications from -40°C to +80°C.

...through smart solutions. Our intelligent cables report themselves and make maintenance more efficient.


High speed to the antenna

with 10 to 100 G interconnections



Connection technology

for wireless communication systems



You are looking for a specific or individual connection for mobile networks?

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