Research & development

LEONI labs - Our investment in the future

The improvement of transmission properties, service life, safety and manufacturing processes is a permanent subject of our research & development. LEONiQ now enables us to collect additional data on the vital parameters of our products in the application and use them smartly.

In our laboratories, employees research intelligent solutions and optimised production processes, as well as the maximum reduction of electrical or mechanical interference through product design and material mixtures.

Do you have ideas for increasing your application benefit with our solutions? Then become part of LEONI labs and benefit from our equipment and know-how!

Digital Solutions lab: Intelligent solutions

Customer-specific solutions with integrated electronics have long been part of our portfolio. With LEONiQ we can now collect data, convert it into knowledge and use it in the development of new solutions or for predictive maintenance with targeted error detection.

Our answers to the digital transformation

Performance lab: Optimised manufacturing processes

The continuous further development of existing manufacturing processes increases the performance of our connections and the efficiency of our production. The LEONIzell® cell technology for homogeneous wire dielectrics or our innovative pair shielding techniques for maximum signal integrity are exemplary results of this research work.

How we manufacture

Quality lab: Sustainable safety

In addition to application-optimised transmission properties, maximum service life in dynamic and rigid applications with resistance to interference, operating temperatures or media, as well as simple installation and adequate fire behavior are fundamental requirements for the safety of our products. Our high-performance direct attach cables (DAC) with secure transmission of up to 400 Gbit/s or our patch cables with B2ca fire class are exemplary results of this research work.

How we ensure quality

Material lab: Material development

The optimum material mixture has a direct influence on the safety of our products in the application environment. Our material lab is constantly developing new material mixtures in order to achieve efficient use of interswitch connections, weather-resistant mobile radio cables or CPR- or UL-compliant connections for building cabling, for example.

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