Our quality worldwide

The outstanding quality and reliability of our products and system solutions make our name a brand. With these properties we set standards in the market worldwide.

In addition to the continuous improvement of our product and process quality, rapid reaction to customer and market requirements is an important cornerstone of our quality policy. The entire process from planning to completion of a product is subject to permanent monitoring and continuous documentation at all our locations. Our quality management systems are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and occasionally according to DIN EN 9100.

Our products meet national and international standards such as VDE, GL, EN and IEC. For the production and distribution of products for the North American market, we are able to apply over 700 different UL styles.

Quality tests

Numerous quality tests throughout our production processes guarantee the quality of our cables and cable systems. As well as this, the performance parameters of our high speed cables for use in data centers are tested and assured in our own radiofrequency laboratory.  The longevity of our products in their applications is tested in long-term endurance tests.