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    to master growing data volumes

Ever since the beginning of the world of digital data, we have been assisting our customers with great innovative power and visionary action as well as by providing high-performance components for communication channels around the globe. Digitalization presents us with new challenges. Efficient energy and data management, smart cities, Internet of Things... For more proximity to the customer and new business models, it will therefore in future be a matter of directing data flows to oneself and exploiting data.

We understand how to direct data flows. It is our business to connect. In more than 40 years, we have developed secure and high-performance transmission systems for ever more bandwidth and higher speed - always with our focus on the application, the specification and our customers worldwide. With our product portfolio, we now cover the whole gamut of transmission standards for data and communication networks.

We are unleashing our ‘passion for intelligent energy and data solutions’ on this basis. We start by making data work for us and for you - for more efficiency and for greater sustainability. With innovative products, our aim is to constantly monitor and optimise networks, eliminate potential bottlenecks and faults as well as to optimally plan and configure your solution. We will analyse network infrastructures with smart solutions and efficiently channel data and energy for you.

Once again we will direct the data flow, but now we will make smart use of our data for your benefit.

Let’s grow together the smart way.


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