LEONI and Spectra7 demonstrate CRXTM Active Copper Cables (ACC) technology at CIOE

Low power alternative to fiber optic interconnects achieves 10 m transmission length

LEONI and Spectra7 demonstrated high-perfomance ACCs with CRXTM- technology made of LEONI cables and Spectra7 chips at this year’s China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) in Shenzhen, China (4.-7. September).

The Chinese internet company Tencent and chip supplier Spectra7 announced the Copper Reach Extension (CRXTM) consortium already in June 2019. It aims the development of new active copper cables for data centers with partners like LEONI. These ACCs transmit equal bandwidth with lower power than fiber optic interconnects and longer transmission lengths than passive copper cables. For example, 25 and 100G transmission requests 1,5W power consumption over 10 m. CRXTM specification for 25G Ethernet is expected by the end of 2019. Specifications for 50, 100, 400 and 800G will follow.